Review: Pippi in the Hill Country

Downhome Pippi

Somebody has to say it — the 53rd addition to the Pippi Longstocking series has gotten downright depressing. Pippi, now 45, still has her familiar projectile pigtails but she’s having difficulty making ends meet at Rancho Ranchadillo in the Texas Hill Country. Not only is she struggling with the lingo, but the Austin chapter of PETA has staged protests over the way she manhandles her horse. And to top that off the local Humane Society investigator, Miss Bobo, makes a visit to the ranch because of some accusations concerning poor living conditions for Mr. Nilsson. Ironically, Pippi is no longer the victim of less than desirable parental supervision — she is the perpetrator.

The book isn’t all bad, though. I’m giving a big thumbs-up to the dialogue, especially from Miss Bobo as she threateningly drawls, “Pippi, put some pants on or the Law’s gonna take away your monkey.”

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  1. Don’t you worry, Pippi. I’m taking up a collection to buy you some boot-cut jeans. No one should have to take on the Texas hill country in those Flashdance leggings. It’s not safe. What if you were to fall into the weeds and get a case of the chiggers? There’s not enough nail polish in the world to smother those little devils — not if they got up under those hose.

    Psst: Damn PETA, anyway. Thanks to their interfering, you can’t count on Mr. Nilsson to pull them bugs off you. What is the world coming to when a girl can’t be groomed by her monkey?

  2. No offense, Opyr but how would Pippi know the difference between chiggers and a bad rash — which she will certainly have if she wears those leggin’s out in the our heat. Jennifer Beals was a Yankee in that movie. Yeah, she could deal with heat, but only in a welding or industrial sort of way.

  3. Of course Pippi knows the difference between chiggers and a bad rash. Her father was the King of Cannibals. She ain’t all Swedish! Her experience is broad — kind of like her ass in those striped panties.

    As for Jennifer Beals, she wasn’t just a Yankee in Flashdance. She’s a Yankee in true life. Can’t you tell by her fashion sense? Or her choice in TV girlfriends? Poor thing. She cain’t help it. She never had a chance to attend cotillion. Someone ought to sign her up for a quick course at the Wendy Ward Charm School. Are you willing to help a sister in need, Stackhats?

  4. Someone needs to tell that girl there’s some kind of law ‘gainst horizontal stripes.

  5. The horizontal stripes are a diversion from Pippi’s bad hair.

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