Well, it’s official. My sister gave me the coolest gift ever on my 49th birthday. I didn’t think she could surpass the 3-D big-boobed-waitress-on-a-tile or the ceramic Three Little Pigs cookie cutter. And I think there was a Billy Bass in there somewhere. Oh, and a white pleather Bratz watch. But this year she gave me Monkey-in-a-Turban. It’s truly for the gal who already has everything — and I mean everything. He’s obviously the Arab or Indian version of our organ grinder’s monkey; I’m not sure what Monkey-in-a-Turban’s talent is. It looks like a clue was glued to his left palm but as it has fallen off, I’m stumped. I’m not sure which country wears red turbans but that’s insignificant when you look at the amount of pure D emotion in this monkey’s face. When the light hits his face just right, he looks like Grandpa Munster — who looked like my Nana when her blood count was too low.

And one more thing–Monkey-in-a-Turban is a bookend. Which explains why she just bought one of them.

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  1. And I was looking for some birthday gift ideas…. May is birthday month in the Bell household: 4 in all (was 5 until my 95 year old grandfather went to the other side). The fun kicks off with my niece who turns 9 tomorrow …. and I haven’t got her a present aaarrrghhh … guess she might be bit young for a cookie cutter….

  2. Hels, I will consult with my sister immediately on your behalf! If you had only let me know earlier, I could have sent you something (more appropriate than the cookie cutter) from my vast collection. And sorry about your grandfather…

  3. oh, g’father turned up his toes about 3 years ago. He claimed he was a long way past his use by date long before the bell was tolled …. so it was all a bit of a relief really …. I await your birthday gift suggestions! 🙂

  4. I think the red turban means that what you call “the monkey” is not really a monkey at all. I believe these are the mummified remains of a high-ranking official in the Byzantine Empire. The open left hand? It once held a sacred scroll detailing the exact origins of the universe — either that or a really great recipe for falafel.

    Don’t worry about there not being a second “monkey.” As with all supernatural beings of a certain vintage, there can be only one. Didn’t you see Highlander, Stackhats?

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