Edith Prickley for VP

Edith Prickley
Edith Prickley
Who's Sarah Palin?

Who's Sarah Palin?

I’ll admit it. When I first saw Sarah Palin up on the stage with John McCain, I thought that he must have lost his ever-lovin’ mind. It proved he was a loose cannon. But now that Palin has re-energized the Religious Right, I’m ascared. This wild move makes Obama look like a stick-in-the-mud so now he’s got to one-up McCain. The only way he can do this is to have Biden “back out” of the VP slot. Obama’s only prayer now is to bring on a woman so charismatic that she cancels Palin out. A woman so outrageous that Palin pales in comparison.

So if Barrack has any political savvy, while the GOP parties in Minneapolis, he’ll be out on the front lines passing out water after Hurricane Gustav hits the Louisiana coastline. But he won’t be alone.

Nope. Edith Prickley, the one time television station manager, will be there right alongside him, making with the wisecracks, slapping survivors on the back. Playing her harmonica. It would be a brilliant strategic move and demolish Palin’s small time credentials.

But would Obama and Prickley be able to work together? He totally dissed Hillary Clinton because he was afraid she’d outshine him. But Prickley’s a different kind of player. She managed to work with Guy Cabellero, the notoriously cranky station owner of SCTV. And she handled Johnny LaRue’s alcoholism like Lola Delaney (“Doc, I don’t think Little Sheba’s coming home no more…“) did in Come Back, Little Sheba. Prickley’s a pragmatist.

Are you listening, Barack? Don’t let their party be the only one who’s not afraid to show a little animal skin.

Prickley Playing Her Harmonica

Prickley Playing Her Harmonica

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