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R.I.P. — The Queen Haters

I was surfing around today and stumbled upon something I’ve wondered about for twenty-six years. In early 1983, my brother and I were staying up late watching SCTV. A segment about a British punk band came on the screen with a Johnny Rotten-ish Martin Short, a guitar-wielding Eugene Levy, and a bald John Candy. We were absolutely hysterical. About halfway through the skit, the legendary last accurate weather man, Harold Taft, came on with a thunderstorm warning. He droned on and on and on, as weather men often do when they’re excited about possible deadly tornadoes or hail. We bitched and screamed to no avail. I think my brother even flopped down and beat on the floor. By the time SCTV came back on, the punk scene was practically over and we never knew what we missed. We bemoaned that night for years.

The Last Accurate Weather Man

The Last Accurate Weather Man

Now we have British friends so I feel it’s important for them to know that we weren’t dissing their Queen. Sure, they can send us a cut-out postcard of her face but that’s the kind of thing you can do when it’s your family. We were just young and silly and had loved the Sex Pistols. We still periodically reminisce about that night. This one’s for you, Newton.

Click here to see SCTV-The Queen Haters I Hate The Bloody Queen


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