Pots, Knots, and Opies

It’s official now.  I’ve finally acquiesced to the lure of the sea.  My mom inadvertently laid the foundation by feeding us kids tons of Star-kist tuna, red salmon (not pink and never Honeyboy), and shrimp.  She tried to fool us with a mackerel tainted salmon croquette impostor one time.  Like mackerel has a mild taste.  And I’m still the only yahoo I know who eats the entire shrimp, tail and all.  I bought the whole “it’ll make your bones stronger” campaign but when I was thirty-seven she admitted that the tails were just filler.

With all of this background info, it should come as no surprise that I would succumb to the flashiness of crabbers like Captain Phil and Captain Sig on the tv series, Deadliest Catch. Captain Sig is what you’d think an old salt would be like — he’s a chain-smoking lifer who lives for the crab season.  The kind of guy that bites the head off of a live herring just for good luck.  Captain Phil is much the same, except he’s really larger than life, what with his hawking up actual blood clots and all.

Deadliest Catch has been around for several years but as usual, we only discovered it this year.  The show details the daily lives aboard five or so crab boats out in the Bering Sea.  If it sounds boring, it’s not.  These boat crews and captains are extremely competitive and you get sucked in very quickly.  Pretty soon you’re talking in crabman lingo — pots, knots, and opies.  And when the guys pull up their pots, you find yourself estimating how many keepers are there.  I don’t know a crappie from a bass and I’m matter-0f-factly saying, “Must be ‘boot 450 crab.”  In a crappy Norwegian accent.

I’ve got it so bad that when I was supposed to be packing for a two week trip to England, I only left the Deadliest Catch July 4th  marathon for emergencies like bathroom breaks and chocolate runs.  I’ve visited the DC website, the boards, and in a sure sign of obsession, I am going to buy the x-box 360 game for some personal crabbing.  Let’s just hope I don’t become a chain smoking, f-bomb dropping ( wait, it’s too late for that one), sleep deprived video crabber.

Note to self: need more tats.

Captain Phil

Captain Phil

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