The Creation of Big Tex

Anyone who regularly attends the State Fair of Texas thinks it’s a religious experience — they just couldn’t prove it. But now new photos lend credence to that religious theory. Big Tex, in his latest incarnation, actually talks and waves and uses a spittoon. His vocabulary is limited but like most Texans, he compensates for that with a loud delivery. But what were his humble beginnings? Was he crudely conceived as a gigantic Charlie McCarthy-ish hick, a slim-hipped Santa, or a barrel-chested, hook-nosed Jesus?

To answer that question, you have only to look at the fiberglass statue itself. Big Tex actually underwent a nose job and an eye-retooling back in the 1960s which would lend credence to the Jesus theory. Others purportedly saw the huge statue with a white beard and red hat but since this only occurred in East Texas, those sightings have been discounted. The most interesting theory is Adam’s Big Bang which shows Big Tex reaching out to some Higher Power for the spark of life.

You be the judge.

The Creation of Big Tex

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Review: Pippi in the Hill Country

Downhome Pippi

Somebody has to say it — the 53rd addition to the Pippi Longstocking series has gotten downright depressing. Pippi, now 45, still has her familiar projectile pigtails but she’s having difficulty making ends meet at Rancho Ranchadillo in the Texas Hill Country. Not only is she struggling with the lingo, but the Austin chapter of PETA has staged protests over the way she manhandles her horse. And to top that off the local Humane Society investigator, Miss Bobo, makes a visit to the ranch because of some accusations concerning poor living conditions for Mr. Nilsson. Ironically, Pippi is no longer the victim of less than desirable parental supervision — she is the perpetrator.

The book isn’t all bad, though. I’m giving a big thumbs-up to the dialogue, especially from Miss Bobo as she threateningly drawls, “Pippi, put some pants on or the Law’s gonna take away your monkey.”

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