Osteopenia. It sounds kind of nasty — or maybe even fun, as in, “I’ll have another Osteopenia, please!” And there’s also that difficult little suffix, penia, which conjures up all kinds of unpleasant images. My readers, both of them (Hi Bearkat, hi Mama), may remember that I prettied up a similar word with an accent mark in a previous post.

Back to the matter at hand. Osteopenia is the precursor to osteoporosis, which both of my grandmothers had. So I always knew there was the likelihood that I’d catch it, too. That’s a joke, Mama. I know I didn’t catch it — I was blessed with it.

My problem? My doctor sent a message to me after my latest bone scan. It said, “Borderline osteopenia. Take Actonel.” He nonchalantly sent a prescription along for my convenience.

My reaction. Well first, technically I don’t have osteopenia yet. Second, I would have liked to talk with him about alternatives to bisphosphonates. Not that taking a drug that’s known to cause jaw bone death scares me or anything. The half life of the drug is long — we’re talking years that it sits in the bones. All it takes to set off a horrible chain reaction is some dental work. Fosamax and Boniva are bisphosphonates, too. I don’t think Gidget done her research.

Maybe the chances of jaw bone necrosis are small, but no thanks. I think I’ll go back to that good ol’ clot-loving, cancer causing estrogen. At least it’s predictable.


Holy F**k, Batman!

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