Baby’s Head Soft Spot #6 — Nick Nolte

Rich Man, Poor Man

Why would I be thinking about Nick Nolte today when I haven’t seen him in a movie since Prince of Tides. He’s a has-been, a broken down old actor who’s time has passed.

Well, blame it on Mickey Rourke. If you saw the Golden Globes, you know exactly what I mean. Mickey was nasty beyond description. Nothing like the young Mickey that was in Diner, which I hated anyway. I was severely traumatized from the scene in the movie theater where he stuck his manhood up through a popcorn box so that Ellen Barkin would touch it and swoon. Luckily, for the sake of the movie, she was not traumatized. Anyway, he always freaked me out. But now that he’s taken a few too many punches to the ol’ kisser, he’s way scary. We’ll probably see him punching and shuffling his way through yet another 9 1/2 Weeks sequel very soon. Or maybe a prequel. He could play his character’s old abusive grand pappy. So why did Mickey remind me of Nick?


When I was a junior in high school, every girl there was in love with Nick Nolte, the bad boy from Rich Man, Poor Man. Well, except me — I loved, Rudy Jordache, the golden boy played by Peter Strauss. More of a button down type. I didn’t fully appreciate Nick until I was a middle aged woman.  And by then it was too late. The young buff Nick had morphed into a middle aged drunken bozo whose hair had a life all its own. So naturally, when I saw Mickey in such poor condition, I thought of Nick in a similar state of disrepair.

But at least Nick kept his sense of style.

And people wonder why old people live in the past.


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